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"FREEDOM OF CONFUSION"   |   "PEACE AND ANARCHY"   |   "GIVE IT UP"   |   "THE MARK"   |   "WORDS FOR A DAY"   |    "WATCH YOUR BACK"   |   "WORDS"   |    "FACE"   |   "MY CHILD"   |   "THE WEDDING NIGHT"   |   "GODDESS"   |   "FISHTAIL"   |   "USELESS PRATTLE"   |   "SKIPPER"   |   "MORE USELESS PRATTLE"   |   "HUNGRY AGAIN"   |   OF STARVATION....   |   SPOTLIGHT   |   Do you like what you have seen?
Give me time to see through the misty veil of untruth
and I will give you a picture perfect view of what is unseen by
those of us unwilling to open the minds eye and be blinded by the beauty
of pure truth.   Seek this blindness as the thirsty seek water.  
Give out and the truth will give in.